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farid/RJ/mac | 21 | E/INFP | he/dia

hey!! im farid and im also maccready!

heya if you manage to read through all these i love you very much and if you dont its ok i still love you for visiting!!

Mac follows:
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hey! here are some stuff for you to consider!!

before you follow... do not follow me if you are...

  • fit the usual dnfi criteria (being a bigot transphobe etc)
  • ship/fetishise incest/abuse/paedophilia/extreme age gaps with minors (if for coping, doing it publically)
  • find white jokes "offensive"
  • think muslims are terrorists and islam is a violent religion
  • hate on any valid identity ( especially towards the ace community)
  • are anti otherkin/fickin
  • are factkin
  • speak over the voices of the marginalised
  • like killing-stalking in any way
  • ship mcreyes/reapergenji/shimadacest

ask to follow if you are

  • cishet and white (all 3 simultaneously! its fine if u fit 2/3)
  • kin with someone outside your own race (especially if you're white)
  • someone who knows me irl
  • 30 and above in age (this includes existing mutuals)
  • kin with/really like:
    • elder maxson (fallout 4)
    • handsome jack (borderlands)
    • paladin danse (Fallout 4)
    • solas (dragon age: inquisition)
    • cullen rutherford (dragon age)
    • eddie gluskin (outlast)
  • check ongoing for ask to follow kins!

and here is my blacklist! please tag/warn me! ill give u a heads up if u forget to and unfollow/block/mute if it repeats too much! im sorry!


  • islamophobia
  • 9/11
  • child death
  • self harm, most particularly scratching
  • tone policing
  • the game outlast (tag it for whistleblower as well)
  • the evil within
  • incest
  • the words "darling" and "victim"
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