new horizons

  • 200403:
    • hong finally got a pan flute of her own to match sarah's ocarina.
    • both of them were playing their instruments casually until it turned into a button smashing mess in front of nook's cranny.
  • 200417:
    • sarah: i'm your biggest fan!
    • sarah: /claps at everything hong does (digging up manila clams, crafting bait, showing off her butterflies)

new leaf

  • 150715:
    • hong visited sarah's town for the first time!
    • ...all hong did was loot sarah's peaches and bugs.
    • and eventually trampled on and destroyed sarah's hybrid flowers. (sarah was pretty sad about this)
  • 150716:
    • hong ended up watering all of sarah's plants because she felt bad.
    • "what's with the creepy room upstairs? it's cute but the light." / "it's where i kill people. and it's actually a pisces lamp." / "so you killed myungsoo and shoved a lighbulb up his ass."
    • when the lights went out and they had a rave in sarah's room.
      • rave = running around in circles.
  • 150722:
    • hong watering sarah when she arrived in starview while saying "grow sarah grow."
    • hong took out her ax and started swinging it at sarah. sarah also took out hers and they had a reenactment of 300.
    • sarah's dad came in her room and caught her playing at the buttcrack hours of day. she had to disconnect but before that, hong saw her trippin. literally.
  • 150728:
    • sarah dug up a pitfall seed and told hong she'd push cherry into it.
      • cherry ended up moving out of the way and sarah fell in, herself.
  • 150917:
    • hong helped sarah pick all of her yellow flowers and destroy them on the beach because there was no need for them anymore.
    • hong kept on harassing ankha even though sarah told her not to because she barely moved in and needed her space.
      • in which sarah ended up intervening and talked to ankha before hong could bother her anymore (lol)
    • sarah found daisy in her campsite and impulsively tried to get her to move into town, but only on the condition that they play a game of rock paper scissors.
      • sarah asked hong for her help and hong didn't want to because she was scared she'd make sarah lose. (they tied, but sarah lost anyway, smh)
      • then the game crashed by accident and sarah still won daisy over.
  • 151021:
    • once again, hong helped sarah destroy all her yellow flowers, along with a multitude of red cosmos because sarah's town decided to spawn a bunch of useless flowers while she was away.
    • dressing up as slytherin students with matching scarves because we're #slytherinaf
    • trying to take screencaps by the fountains and wisteria trellises but biskit kept on photobombing and it was a nightmare.
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