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Hi! The name is Kalila, my friends usually call me Lila or Kayiya, fret not I'm fine with any nicknames, but please refrain from calling me by my previous alias unless you're my closest ones.

This is a safe place for everyone and my account is FUB free, which means you are free to unfollow/b-ub me if there's something about me that makes you feel uncomfortable.

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  • Please do not follow first if we don't know each other, unless you've got my permission.
  • I tweet a lot about my roleplayer, genshin, and real life things and I do overshare a lot, if you are uncomfortable with it, feel free to b-ub me!
  • Do not take any screenshot from my tweet when my account is on private mode, it's strictly prohibited.
  • Do not interact with me if you're either racist, homophobic, or if you sexualizes minor.
  • Please refrain from spreading negative vibes on my timeline, I only accept positive vibes in my account.
  • Do not follow if you oftenly got involved on war, I want to keep my timeline clean.
  • Please refrain from asking me about my real life things since I feel uncomfortable...
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