take my hand, and my heart and soul. i will only have these eyes for you.

  • rainbow. ot7. kim jaekyung.

i wanna be the one that your love, that your love can heal.

  • up10tion. ot10. han gyujin.

when you twist and you turn, teach me to run. i'd grab and hold on. i'd grab and hold on tight.

  • wjsn. ot13. nam dawon.

just to let you in here, where you make me lose my mind. in another life i'd do it all again a thousand times.

  • kang sira.

don't you know? all that we have is each other. one foot in front of the other.

  • in2it. ot8. yoo jiahn.

do you wanna fly a million miles away and be all alone? cause i don't mind if we never go, never go home.

  • red velvet. ot5. bae joohyun.

we can turn the world to gold.

apr 12 2016 ∞
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