if we're mutuals, please tag:

  • mentions of self harm
  • graphic images and descriptions of self harm
  • mentions of suicide
  • graphic images and descriptions of suicide
  • bleeding from the eyes (whether fictional - drawn, animated, etc - or real/real looking)
  • gore and violence in general.

with these i'd really prefer you quote rt with the trigger/content warnings rather than just say "tw nrt/lrt." please specify the trigger as well (blood, graphic violence, etc) so i know to not look.

additionally, please don't post things jokingly about "drinking bleach" (or putting it in your eyes, etc) or "setting yourself on fire" they make me really uncomfortable and i just can't handle seeing them. i don't even want them tagged just please don't joke about any type of self harm or method of suicide. they're not funny in the first place.

may 17 2017 ∞
nov 13 2017 +