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" ... I'm an independent thinker who's best suited to working alone or with a small group of like-minded people ... I'm creative and would rather give direction than take it, though I may have issues with delegation ... I am an introvert by nature ... I may have a tendency to be overly critical of myself and of others ... My standards are high ... I may be impulsive and exercise poor judgment on o...

listography NEW JOURNAL
  • bottle caps (_metal ones, not plastic, thank you_)
  • tickets (_concerts, movies, etc_)
  • sleeping beauty paraphernalia (_any and all_)
  • dried flowers (_just ones i've been given_)
  • birdhouses (_or soon to, future plans_)
  • pressed pennies (_from anywhere and everywhere_)
  • quotes (_as best i can with ink and paper_)
  • cardboard (_for artistic purposes, of course_)
  • jars (_see the above reason_)
  • comic books (_yesssssss_)
  • holiday barbie ornaments (_have every one since they began in '93_)
  • hotwheels (_primarily volkswagens_)
  • tins (_starting to rebuild my collection_)
  • notebooks (_whether i use them or not is another story_)
  • notepads (_impulse buys, ftw_)
  • fortune cookie slips (_to be utilized one day_)
  • wine corks (_the boy & i_)
  • holiday hand towels (_not enough seasons for my obsession_)
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