• Roosevelt Really becoming a Center---Afterschool programs, mentoring programs, basketball, step, jumprope teams, outdoor education, movies, year-round academy things for children and adults.
  • "Peaches and Greens" type healthy snacks provider. Strong programs to deliver local food to needy families and EDUCATING families on growing their own food and taking pride in what they eat.
  • Youth Shelter/Safe-Space program!! Crisis Hot lines/Counseling for youth.
  • Strong Block-Captains program, LOTS of neighbors trained in anti-bullying and conflict-mediation.
  • Enviro/Outdoor Ed in EVERY elementary school! A naturalist for every school! A garden for every school!
  • Community based child-abuse/neglect prevention, LOTS of child-abuse education in our neighborhoods, churches etc. ACTIVE collaboration with CPS, calling them to TRULY do their job.
  • Theatre Troupe made of young people from many different backgrounds who wrestle with, write and produce plays around issues of civil rights, racism and empowerment and how they affect our community and this generation. A group that engages these issues itself and bring theatre into local schools and other places!
  • Theatrical presentations of stories gleaned from People's History work! Bringing the History of Elkhart creatively into Local Schools!
  • Creative Writing classes for women at the Jail.
  • Creative writing after-school program/girls empowerment group at Hawthorne...
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