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have a good day .° ☆ ♡╰(*´︶`*)╯♡☆°. ~10/7/20


stuff i made

  • "mellow & angst" music playlist
  • a summer music playlist for the summertime [note: i update this playlist year round but release it to the public when it actually is summer]
  • music playlist filled with albums, mixes and EPs
  • nonchalant music playlist for days where you’re just vibing, nothing special | mainly filled with lo-fi and other chill-sounding music


  • a website that lists a variety of trigger warnings for a variety of media (movies, books, video games, etc.)
  • dream dictionary: want to know if the stuff you dreamt about means anything?
  • letter to your future self: send your future self an online letter
  • make wordart: make snazzy text with microsoft's classic wordart using this fanmade website
  • inspirobot: an AI that randomly generates inspirational quotes, very amusing
  • dr. sbaitso: some 90s AI program that you can talk (type) to; usually gives you unhelpful but entertaining responses
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