• you can call me elmo or elmer. they/them. 20
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  • @blackjackalfour : writing account repurposed into the account where i tweet summer blog updates. you should not follow this
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  • you may repost my work on other platforms excluding instagram and pinterest with credit. please also feel free to use my stuff as an icon or header or whatever.
  • translations and fanart of my fic are very welcome. thank you for treating my work with such kindness.
  • fic commissions are currently closed. art commissions are open. drop me a dm
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  • so i have this quirky little habit where i get super into a fandom and i make a bunch of shit because i'm super excited and then the moment i hit the Shores of America (specifically the east coast, which is ok i guess) and a new semester of undergrad begins i get distracted and go insane in that order and am not seen until the next school break which keeps happening for some reason despite my best efforts to make it stop. what i mean is i go away for long periods of time, like an absent father. jsyk
  • i'm not gonna say be 18+ to interact because i'm not old enough for that to sound not funny and i'm not gonna say minors will be yeeted on sight because this account is generally quite tame but i do like dick jokes a lot. and have the general sense of humor of a ten year old boy. jsyk (2)
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Freuqnetly asked Questions

q: what draw?

  • a: clip studio paint.

q: what brush?

  • a: thin gouache (color jitter 84), some oil brush thingy. a modified g-pen brush with a softer tip for cel shaded stuff

q: what tablet?

  • a: wacom intuos pro (small)

q: what major?

  • a: Something Cool (tbd).

q: what institute of education?

  • a: liberal arts college/horse feeding school/kindergarten
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  • i don’t have a newsletter. if you want me to have a newsletter again please feel free to subscribe to the not-newsletter if enough people do so maybe i will suddenly have a newsletter again. schrodinger’s newsletter.
  • NEW! i have a newsletter again. link below.
  • NEW! i don't have a newsletter again. someone please make me write my newsletter.
  • NEW! i still don't have a newsletter but i do have a summer writing blog which i update every day instead of every week, which was how the newsletter died i think. check it out here http://fishmongeringstudies.tumblr.com/
  • https://tinyletter.com/corpsentry/
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  • currently into: mdzs, tgcf, toilet hanako, skyward sword (stuck at dungeon 5), acupuncture
  • currently playing: botw (still), twilight princess (new! my laptop died, taking my save file with it), ori & blond forest, ocarina of time, achn, skyward sword
  • cool books: never let me go (kazuo ishiguro), when you reach me (rebecca stead), a little life (hanya yanagihara), the left hand of darkness (ursula k. le guin), less (andrew sean greer)
  • cool ao3 writers: twoif, gamblers, SORD
  • cool poets: richard siken, natalie wee, ocean vuong
  • cool anime/manga: dorohedoro, kusuriya no hitorigoto, golden kamuy, uchouten kazoku, baccano!, cowboy bebop, made in abyss, hyouka, mawaru penguindrum, et cetera, et cetera
  • here is my animelist (please talk to me a...https://myanimelist.net/profile/sentimen...
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