16 sets of twins + 7 sets of triplets + 4 sets of quadruplets.

Twins (16 sets)

  • Helena Isabel and Stellan Matthias
  • Matilda Liv and Felix Andrew
  • Mara Lucy and James Rowan
  • Alice Bryony and Rosalind May
  • Beatrix Violet and Tessa Vivienne
  • Philippa "Pippa" Mary and William Casimir
  • Clara Ophelie and Diana Madeline Wren
  • Thomas Lloyd and Maximilian Piers
  • Charles "Charlie" Emerson and Audrey Catherine
  • Julia Caroline and Violet Sea
  • Io Victoria and Nero David
  • Emilia Carys and Felicity Aurelia
  • Anthea Kestrel and Wesley Abram
  • River Dorian and Archer Noel
  • Leopold Frederick and Ferdinand Joseph
  • Jude Caspian and Caspar Amias

Twins: Helena, Stellan, Matilda, Felix, Mara, James, Alice, Rosalind, Beatrix, Tessa, Philippa, William, Clara, Diana, Thomas, Maximilian, Charles, Audrey, Julia, Violet, Io, Nero, Emilia, Felicity, Anthea, Wesley, River, Archer, Leopold, Ferdinand, Jude, and Caspar.

Triplets (7 sets)

  • Graham Leander, Elias Paul, and Thisbe Claire
  • Odessa Marian, Saoirse Edith, and Walter Garnet
  • Magnus Ciaran, Freya Lovisa, and Nicholas Johan
  • Emmanuelle "Ella" Miriam, Karolina Johanna, and Mila Jupiter
  • Haley Sigrid, Christopher "Kit" Owen, and Benedict Luca
  • Hugo Thorin, Sebastian "Bash" Noah, and Romilly "Roma" Juliet
  • Jorah Edmund, Tamsin Dorothy, and Esma Anneliese

Triplets: Graham, Elias, Thisbe, Odessa, Saoirse, Walter, Magnus, Freya, Nicholas, Ella, Karolina, Mila, Haley, Kit, Benedict, Hugo, Sebastian, Roma, Jorah, Tamsin, and Esma.

Quads (4 sets)

  • Arya Maisie, Kerensa Winter, Lucy Pia, and Cora Elspeth June
  • Katharina Severine, Henry Matthew, Alasdair Jacob, and Malcolm Peter
  • Ronan Callahan, Chloe Yara, Isla Pomeline, and Poppy Georgia
  • Hanna Ivy, Genevieve Posy, Lila Emmeline, and Noel Ilar

Quads: Arya, Kerensa, Lucy, Cora, Katharina, Henry, Alasdair, Malcolm, Ronan, Chloe, Isla, Poppy, Hanna, Genevieve, Lila, and Noel.

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