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  • “ur-fascism,” umberto eco link
  • “so you want to write about american indians?” devon a. mihesuah
  • “against interpretation,” susan sontag link
  • “the work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction,” walter benjamin link
  • "meditations in an emergency," marissa brostoff link
  • "the worship of billionaires has become our shittiest religion," tom whyman link
  • "everything you know about obesity is wrong," michael hobbes link
  • “on social sadism,” china mieville link
  • “silence in debris: towards and apophatic marxism,” china mieville link
  • “hell is a best-selling author with a twitter account,” hannah p.s. link
  • “how the matrix built a bullet-proof legacy,” brian raftery link
  • "the cultural revolution: all you need to know about china's political convuslion," tom phillips link
  • "'if you enter a camp, you never come out:' inside china's war on islam," lily kuo link
  • "china's hi-tech war on its muslim minority," darren byler link
  • “all gates open,” (surveillance & ankle bracelets) rob horning link
  • "bodies in seats: facebooks moderators break their ndas to expose desperate working conditions," casey newton link
  • "we are tenants on our own devices," zeynep tufekci link
  • "the time i went on a lesbian cruise and it blew up my entire life," shannon keating link
  • "forced to divorce: americans with disabilities must pick marriage or health care," carly stern link
  • "compulsory heterosexuality and lesbian existence," adrienne rich link
  • "the government is using the most vulnerable people to test facial recognition software," os keyes et al. link
  • "indigenous knowledge has been warning us about climate change for centuries," malcolm harris link
  • "'straight girls kissing,' beyond the elite college campus," jamie budnick link
  • "5 things suicide loss survivors should know--from someone who's attempted," sam dylan finch link
  • "the secret lives of facebook moderators in america," casey newton link
  • "podcasters are people: the intimacy of medium vs. parasocial relationships," wil williams link

read 2018

  • "the laborers who keep dick pics and beheadings out of your facebook feed," adrian chen link
  • “why are young people having so little sex?” kate julian link
  • "becoming anne frank," dara horn link
  • "I saw Florence sending millions of gallons of animal poop flooding across North Carolina," rick dove link
  • "Our Sister Becky: What if the doctors had listened to her?," kate beaton link
  • "the challenge of 'chronic lyme'," rachel pearson link
  • "the irradiated international," lou cornum link
  • "the woman who cared for hundreds of abandoned gay men dying of aids," david koon link
  • "‘I made Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare tool’: meet the data war whistleblower," carole cadwalladr link
  • how forests think, eduardo kohn
  • "the trauma of facing deportation," rachel aviv link
  • "what does it mean to die?" rachel aviv link
  • "how to not die in america," molly osberg link
  • the souls of black folk, w.e.b. du bois
  • "the normalization of queer theory," david m. halperin .pdf
  • "carceral capitalism," jackie wang link
  • "post-work: the radical idea of a world without jobs," andy beckett link

read 2017

  • "how one young, gay man was wrongfully blamed for bringing AIDS to the U.S.," bethy squires link
  • "the epidemic of gay loneliness," michael hobbes link
  • between the world and me, ta-nehisi coates
  • eclipse of reason, max horkheimer
  • confronting fascism: discussion documents for a militant movement, don hamerquist
  • the origins of totalitarianism, hannah arendt

read for college (2014-2016) (tba)

  • the problem with work: feminism, marxism, antiwork politics, and postwork imaginaries, kathi weeks
  • the autobiography of malcolm x, malcolm x & alex healey
  • dangerous sanctuaries: refugee camps, civil war, and the dilemmas of humanitarian aid, sarah kenyon lischer
  • ordinary men: reserve police battalion 101 and the final solution in poland, christopher browning
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