about me

      • taylah twenty she/her
      • australian, indian/māori/white


      • social science student and linguistics major. lover of chungha and daniel. a bisexual leo so im really too chaotic for my own good... sry. also not really a "real" leo (a virgo sun but we dont talk about it. also a sagittarius moon and scorpio rising) please don't call me a fake leo i might cry.
      • fixates easily. accidentally develops crushes too fast. the earth isnt flat.
      • a y/a sci-fi, fantasy + adult thriller novel enthusiast. aliens and space are my fav things ever!!! wlkz (woman loving katya zamolodchikova). killing me is the best song released in 2018, thanks for coming to my ted talk.
      • xnfp-t, 6w5, melancholic, slytherin.

where to find me

jul 25 2018 ∞
nov 19 2018 +