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i scream about seiyuus, skaters, anime, and occasionally the legendary gods of the east, tohoshinki
i draw and write sometimes but i like making threads more
im also a suffering and broke college student now rip me

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  • all active sites are in my bio above!
  • twitter:
    • i heavily retweet seiyuu things, things relating to anime i follow and/or like, and skating related news and stuff
    • my threads are my best works, please love them when i make/update them
    • i am private because of a certain incident me and several friends in the skating fandom experienced at the end of may. i do not wish to bring this up ever again, since we have all moved on, but i do not plan on ever going public for a long time.
    • i will accept requests only from people with the same interests (and seiyuu is a MUST regarding these interests)or people i can trust with the knowledge that i run this kind of twitter
  • tumblr:
    • shenguhaoshis is my main blog where i talk about anime (mostly kuroko's basketball, dive, and other sports genre anime) and seiyuu. i occasionally will post gifsets and graphics, but during academic terms i try to limit myself to textposts and analysis and keep up a queue
    • codexerstudies is my studyblr that is on a perpetual queue because college students really need to study and not spend all their time organising a tumblr queue
  • ao3
    • 4T_1Lo_3S, in honour of yuzuru hanyu's successful attempt at the combination at 2017 world team trophy and being the first skater to attempt such a combination of jumps
    • i am currently working on a big your name and kuroko's basketball crossover fanfic that will probbaly go up whenever i have the time to post multichapter things
    • i spend more time writing drafts and saving them than going to my beta readers for feedback and actually posting things
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