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i scream about seiyuus, skaters, anime, and occasionally the legendary gods of the east, tohoshinki
i draw and write sometimes but i like making threads more
im also a suffering and broke college student now rip me

listography MESSAGES
  • kpop
    • tvxq/tohoshinki. recently am more into their japanese singles and work. have been fan since early 2015. yunho biased.
    • exo. or, more like undercover zhang yixing enthusiast. wHEN WILL HE RETURN FROM WAR AND BREATHE LIFE INTO EXO'S CHINESE VERSIONS OF THEIR SONGS??? fan since early 2014. obviously i am yixing biased
    • bts. i do not associate with the fandom by any means. im here for their music and choreography and concepts. following since late 2014. i have no bias
    • got7. my friend in hong kong got me into them and jackson wong ka yee. following since mid-2014. my bias should be obvious
    • twice and blackpink are the only girlgroups i follow but i listen to snsd, f(x) (wHERE ARE THEY), red velvet, and pristin!
    • note: i only listen to groups other than tohoshinki on a casual basis since i am more into the following genres and artists below.
  • japanese language music (because im not that into general jpop yet haha)
    • bands/groups
      • Trignal
      • KAmiYU
      • i am highkey becoming a gradual Kiramune stan. thank you, kamiya hiroshi for getting me into this wonderful (?) agency
      • RADWIMPS
      • the idol groups from the UtaPri series: STARISH, QUARTET NIGHT, and HEAVENS
      • STYLE FIVE
    • soloists
      • Miyano Mamoru
      • Ono Kenshou
      • Kamiya Hiroshi
      • Ono Daisuke
      • Aoi Shouta
  • occasionally i listen to jay chou and g.e.m. (tang tsz-kei) for nostalgia but i dont follow them anymore bc reasons
sep 8 2017 ∞
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