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  • my fave sandwich of all time is peanut butter and banana oh wheat. Anna and Ian make the best ones. And to think now I'm not allowed to eat peanut butter... :[
  • I hate hate hate square shaped pizza and refuse to eat it. I only eat triangle pieces. I don't care WHAT you say, it tastes different! In jr. high, i used to judge guys based on what type of pizza they preferred. (not SOLELY based on that of course).
  • my favorite artist is Elsie Flannigan by far. She's so inspiring to me and I want to make as many artistic choices and adventures as she has in her life. She's kind of a role model for me.
  • On that same hand, I'm obsessed with Audrey Hepburn. I try my best to live lovely like she did. Beauty and grace and just...lovliness.
  • There are SO many different careers I want to try: interior design, own my own art store, graphic design, photography, travel writer, design my own scrapbook line, hair stylist... there are too many to choose from, but that's what college is for. :]
  • When I pass kiosks with flyers tacked up to them I get really happy! All that color and awesomeness stapled on to one thing--Mmmm. If i see something i like, i rip it off.
  • I'm pretty much a child. I like all sorts of childish things that i should have grown out of by now: my little ponies, i sleep with a stuffed animal still, cartoons, i don't eat my veggies, hello kitty, princess things, etc.
  • I want to travel everywhere SOOOO bad. I want to go somewhere exotic and do nothing but explore and photograph and write write write...and sketch. Mmmm. i want that so bad. But I'm too scared to study abroad alone.
  • Sometimes I get really crazy ideas in my head and then i have to do them. This fall i decided that i wanted a teacup filled with acorns on my desk. So we went in search of acorns WITH their hats. Let's just say I got that teacup filled with acorns. It took awhile to find them all, but i got it.
  • I miss dance and guard and theater SOO much. you don't even know. any time i pass a dance major in her tights or go to a show, i get a stomach ache because i miss it. I love performing and I'm sad that it had to end.
  • I love classic movies. Breakfast at TIffany's is my fave ever. Ian and I made a pact that every time we go to Blockbuster we're renting one from the "classics" section just to culture ourselves.
  • I have my own store! It's called Craftcake Designs and I just sell all the things I make from the crazy ideas running through my head. It's done pretty well so far considering I've only had it since September. if you want the link, just tell me!
  • The amount of blogs I follow is ridic. I loooooove reading blogs and getting ideas and inspiration. I think I have like 40 something blogs i follow listed in my Google Reader. (best thing ever by the way)
  • My favorite types of Jelly Beans are Jelly Belly Strawberry Cheesecake and Dr. Pepper. Yes i eat them together and yes its like heaven with high fructose corn syrup.
  • I'm probs the most organized person you'll meet. My filing system and compulsive list making and schedules and alphabetizing and....yeah. organized.
  • I tend to get annoyed really easily and I have an anger problem. I'm convinced that if I didn't make art as much as I do, that i would be a much ANGRIER person than I already am.
  • I'm having an affair with paper. I looooooove paper. I can craft out of anything that I can cut and paste down. Girls from my floor will bring me their "trash" and say "hey can you craft something out of this?"
  • I'm an old soul.
  • I tend to get my feelings hurt by my friends a lot. If they don't return my calls/messages or if we lose touch or if they don't fill me in on something awesome, i feel very unimportant. I try my best to include all my friends in everything going on with my life and when I don't get the same, i feel unimportant to them. :[
  • I get REALLY excited about little things like a new journal, cereal, emails, a new episode of the Office, getting sequins on sale...yeah stuff like that.
  • I love my family SO much and I get homesick really easily. Somehow though, when i go home, i always find myself wanting to come back? haha i think its because i love my boyfriend so damn much.
  • I worry anywhere from a lot to not at all about my appearance. If I'm going to a job interview, i worry a lot. I want to make sure I look professional and presentable. But if I'm going to class or to Wal-Mart i worry like not at all. A lot of times I wear mismatched stuff with leg warmers and a headband on like a hippie. It just depends. I like to play with color.
  • I'm a reality tv junkie. ANTM, Biggest Loser, Little People Big World, Jon and Kate Plus 8, the Bachelor, Blush, Shear Genius, Project Runway, Survivor, you name it. I love it.
  • I tend to leave my fridge door open and my roommate ALWAYS has to tell me to close it. hahahaha i have no idea why.
  • I don't really care what people think of me. Like i said, i dress strange, I have crazy ideas that don't make sense to anyone, I'm constantly writing things down, i talk openly about a lot of things...i just don't really care. "To be great is to be misunderstood."
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user picture Court: I love when you dress crazy. I wish I could be more bold like that. jan 30 2009
user picture Elaine: that makes me happy. :] it's my favorite way to dress. And even better, I love the accessories that I make myself the most.
user picture alex: I feel the same way about square pizza! I've only found one family member who agrees with me that it tastes different. no one else understands. aug 23 2009
user picture Bliss: I love Elsie too!! jul 3 2010