• that my ideas are good. i have good, solid, individual, original ideas and they are really really good. Sometimes i doubt my style, but its there.
  • that some people just aren't worth it.
  • that the things that happen, have significance. There's a reason there, somewhere. That's....just how things are meant to be.
  • that i need to make time for myself. i need to make time for sweatpants and cereal and photoshoots and paper and... ian. i love my life. to keep my sanity, i have to MAKE time for things other than school and work.
  • that ian is there for me no matter what. I love him so much. there's no point in even trying to explain how much...because he's the sunburst in my life. <3
  • that i still need to eat a fresh fruit or vegetable with every meal. I've been slacking off and my colon WILL get pissed at me eventually...
  • that worrying isn't worth it. There's still that certain thing that hasn't happened yet that's making me more and more nervous as the days go on... but worrying probably isn't helping. :[
  • that Cap'n Crunch is still really good at age 21.
  • that acting like I'm 8 isn't such a bad thing sometimes.
  • that college doesn't last forever.
feb 25 2009 ∞
dec 31 2009 +