• people who have the bravery to study abroad
  • for some WEIRD reason--happy couples.
    • i don't fully understand this because I myself am in a happy relationship. but i just don't want people that don't deserve it to be happy. There are people that treat their boyfriends like crap.
  • people who Elsie Flannigan actually acknowledges
  • HUGE scrap and art rooms
  • higher grades than mine
  • when I don't win contests. hahaha
  • drivers
    • although I'm still terrified
  • people that are 100% healthy
  • those that can eat whatever they want and hardly gain weight
  • people who have awesome lung capacity and no asthma and can run and run and run
  • skinny bitches
  • when someone I work with gets a higher paycheck
  • those young people on Project Runway that have already started their own clothing line at age 19.
  • people with my ideal job
  • highly-paid photographers
  • people living in houses and apartments to themselves
jan 27 2009 ∞
jun 24 2012 +
user picture Rachel: I agree!! Especially with 1 & 3 & the skinny people who eat whatever they want one. Where did they get this magic metabolism?! jan 30 2009
user picture Elaine: YOU LOVE ELSIE FLANNIGAN!? me too. :] she's my absolute FAVE
user picture larissa: Ahahah I love the Elsie Flannigan one. Because, so true! feb 23 2011