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  • Style School mood board
  • Owl Cosmetic bag
  • hand-carved stamps
  • re-do inspo wire
  • photography repertoire workbook
  • work on engagement album
  • knitted headbands for Malinda
  • owl plushie
  • raccoon plushie
  • watercolor pages in moleskine
  • carrying pouch for Instax
  • dress for Blythe
  • project for new car
  • felt flower for fedora
  • Allie's mini book
feb 25 2010 ∞
aug 6 2010 +
user picture keezy: ah! i was searching owl plushies on etsy thursday. so many cute ones! then of course, i just had to focus on the strange little monetsers they have instead. feb 27 2010
user picture Elaine: AH! There are some REALLY cute ones! This girl makes the cutest plushies EVER: LOOOOOOOOVE!
user picture keezy: OH!!! AGREED! Just bookmarked that for sure. mar 1 2010
user picture heather jo: so i came across this site the other day and thought of you, maybe you'll like too! :) apr 11 2010