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  • Indians
      • when camping, go out into the woods with a pocket knife and carve things into bowls and construct a hut.
  • Doll Hospital
      • turning shoeboxes to beds for them and "nursing them back to health" with grapes and water. I carried a clipboard. lol
  • Concert Hall
      • Anna was always the ticket taker and I was the harpist. I made my own harp.
  • Barbie/Legos hybrid
      • we made our own dreamhouses out of legos on the lego table and made a pulley system so the Barbies could get up there.
  • Pretending we had broken limbs
      • taking an ace bandage and wrapping around our leg like it was broken
  • Box Car Children
      • Heather Hines would walk to our house and we would pretend to be the characters from the Boxcar children in our treehouse
  • Teapots
      • at least that's what we called having a play-do tea party. haha one time Nana actually ate the play-do to freak us worked. hahahaha
  • Making Commercials
      • Diane and Bethany had a video camera at their house, so we would make skits and make commercials. :]
  • Carnival
      • taking buckets and rings and different toys and making carnival games in our backyard.
  • Spy
      • notebook, magnifying glass, "utility belt," etc. spying on the neighbors. I went over to the apartment complex and hid behind a dumpster once. that was dangerous. haha
  • Boats
      • we would make our bed into this giant "boat," pack suitcases of things we would need and then not leave the bed for a few hours. lol We couldn't fall in the water. If Mom called us, we would say "This doesn't count." haha
  • Tent
      • classic tent from Blankets almost always including a radio inside the tent playing Christmas music. And a suitcase of misc crap. and Barbies.
  • Shadow Show
      • Anna, Katie, Levi, & i would put on shadow puppet shows on the side of the camper when we went camping. HUGE hit.
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