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  • drink ice water
  • wear chapstick
  • think hard about my outfit
  • wish I had a different phone
  • create something beautiful
  • kiss my boyfriend
  • sketch out ideas in my drawing book
  • make a list
  • put on deaodorant NOT antiperspirant
  • take 6 different medications
  • think to myself: "MAN i need to paint my nails..."
  • talk to my Mom
  • take at least one photo
  • give my opinion
  • read my Google Reader
  • get inspired
  • worry about something
  • look forward to an evening with Ian
may 28 2009 ∞
jan 6 2013 +
user picture heather jo: number 6 and 18....maybe someday I'll have that too! :/ Enjoy it for me girlie! apr 10 2010
user picture Elaine: oh geez. For a minute there I thought you BROKE UP! I was like WHAT'S HAPPENING!? But I see what you mean. It will happen, dearie. Keep your chin up.
user picture heather jo: o gosh, haha I could see how you thought that! and no...he is stuck ;P Now that I look back I think I was letting my emotions get the better of me in this comment... sorry :( HUGS apr 11 2010