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  • if I have cavities
  • life after college
  • finding a job
  • finding a place to live
  • having money
  • if I locked my door or not
  • if people are mad at me
  • being able to have a job in my field
  • my colon disease
  • disappointing my parents
  • the well being of my sister
  • my own death
  • the deaths of my friends and family
  • not having all of my homework done for the next day
  • documents not saving correctly on my flash drive
  • specific details about the wedding
  • if I set my alarm or not
  • dropping my laptop/camera and them breaking
  • getting my driver's license
  • not being able to pay back mine and Ian's college loans
  • if I don't worry, the things will happen more
  • me getting lost in Anderson driving by myself
  • getting fired
  • turning down the retail job
  • my weight and related issues
  • feeling guilty about SPENDING money
  • Family judging us, our choices, or our lifestyle
  • doing photography for someone I know is picky, uptight, or high maintenance
  • if we'll ever have a baby
feb 22 2010 ∞
mar 5 2017 +
user picture heather jo: could you please explain #9 to me? I know not.... feb 23 2010
user picture Elaine: I got diagnosed with Colitis about a year ago. It's a stress induced inflamatory disease where the walls of my colon get inflamed and infected and my bowel can't pass through. Then I have to get a colonoscopy, yadda yadda yadda. I have a diet I'm supposed to follow and such. It's a huge pain, but it's lifelong. :(
user picture heather jo: oofa...girl im sorry i had no idea! Have I told you about eric? sigh....I kinda wish they could just diagnose him with something, anything! We go to IU Med center next thrusday *crosses fingers* anyhoo....this diet? what is something that you really recommend? I asked because I a)was concerned about you & b)am always looking for things that he might be able to eat other than white corn tortilla chips haha (so far that is the only thing that doesn't affect him) i <3 U!
user picture Elaine: no i had no idea about Eric!? Does he have a colon disease or other Gastro intestinal disorder? I have a friend that has Crones Disease which is kind of similar. I'm going to facebook message you about the diet because it's too big to write in here. Check your messages in the next few mintues!
user picture heather jo: thank you! he has tried so many diets...but ya never know what ya might come across through talking to people! I gave up FB for lent haha but will read it in my email... As for what is wrong with him, we do not know. He has been tested for just about everything and has seen nutrionalists to specialists and dieted from high fat- to rice only for 2 weeks :( It will be 2 years of this come august and yea....getting desperate physicaly, mentaly, and emotionaly.