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  • "me time" without the roommate
  • Harry Potter on TV
  • being able to help Ian with his Spanish. (ie: do it for him)
  • not having anything to do tonight
  • my decision to go au natural curly hair for awhile
  • our magical tent
  • clean room top to bottom
  • no class tomorrow
  • Mom telling me that she got me tons of awesome stuff for Christmas
  • having almost all of my Christmas shopping done
  • the thought of reading books for pleasure over Christmas break
  • being engaged to such a wonderful man that's perfect for me
  • new music on my iTunes
  • new ringtones
  • only one final exam
  • seeing my family this coming weekend
  • how happy my mom and dad are lately
  • Ian always being near me and being my best friend :]
  • doing some projects for me, not for school
dec 6 2009 ∞
dec 31 2009 +