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  • cuddling on the couch when I was little
  • going to the jail where he worked and him showing us cool stuff
  • when he called me "Newt"
  • the Snoopy Dance
  • the little plastic pink Indiana Beach wallet he bought me and i thought was so cool.
  • learning to fish
  • Daddy-Daughter dances at school
  • him coming home from clown school with different things to show us each day
  • lasso-ing him in the front yard
  • all of his police maneuvers he would show us
  • going to the jewelry store to buy Mom that pearl ring for Christmas
  • watching The Notebook and thinking the sex scenes were so awkward hahaha
  • him getting us army flashlights for Christmas like Harriet the Spy had
  • learning to use a pocket knife and a compass
  • long hiking trips, especially those with scavenger hunts involved
  • taking Julie (our dog) in the woods to go tracking
  • going out at night hunting for nightcrawlers
  • playing in the field near our old house: flying kites, playing softball, etc.
  • him taking us to Voight Park to play softball
  • "Does your mama wear bikini spotted underwear?!"
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