• re-read the Harry Potter series
  • host a little cookout with friends & family
  • go to a Farmer's Market
  • develop photography brand
    • once I make the covers for my disc cases, I'm calling this one done.
  • Indiana Beach with Riley
  • finish re-decorating patio
    • couldn't because we're moving!
  • get an ice shaver to make sno cones
  • paint outside
  • go to the State Fair
  • reading program at the library
  • take more cute pics of my Blythes
  • eat salt water taffy
  • experiment with camera remote for self-portraits
  • have Shawna & Cory over for dinner
  • do a full spa day w/ facial, bubble bath, & full pedi
  • start on fall knitting projects
  • do at least ONE concept shoot with a friend
jun 3 2012 ∞
sep 3 2012 +
user picture Court: I've slowly been re-reading the Harry Potter series, too. Summertime always reminds me of Harry Potter - when I read a new book I would stay up until like 5 AM with a flashlight on the top bunk in Nick's room. I remember reading the fourth book & when Cedric Diggory died I cried & cried in Nick's top bunk! lol jun 17 2012