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    • having automatic hot meals cooked for me each night
    • meal card in general
    • having a very convenient job right downstairs
    • having someone clean my bathroom once a week
    • being so close to my classes
    • being within walking distance of the library
    • having Night Staff and card swipe security
    • not having to move furniture in and out
    • my awesome desk
    • being close to friends
    • the general environment
    • leaving lights on without regard to electric bill
    • fun hall programs like Waffle Sale


    • gross cement walls
    • being forced to communicate with people I hate
    • not being able to decorate our doors
    • Hall Directors
    • loud drunk asses at 3 AM
    • shitty suitemates
    • having a girl roommate
    • not being able to drink in my own room
    • sharing everything
    • not being able to wear my little nightgowns
    • all the money I have to spend to live there
    • living in a shoebox
    • hard water
    • the NASTY bathroom smell from a certain someone
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