• the fire alarm woke me up this morning and scared the SHIT out of me.
  • I have cramps and a stomach ache like whoa.
  • I am SOOOO ready to go home even though I know its going to be all bitch bitch bitch once I get there
  • My mom YELLED at me on the phone last night for something I didn't do.
  • I know that the next month is going to be spent with my ever mouthy sister and her sloppy boyfriend.
  • Ian didn't get the job....again. I feel SOOO bad for him that no one will hire him. I don't understand! Ah!
  • I'm running on like... 4 hours of sleep. 7 total from the past 2 nights.
  • I have SO much to do today and not enough time to do it all.
  • I have to make ANOTHER trip to the post office.
  • I have to study for a Spanish test that I don't care anything about.
  • EVen though I only have 1 test tomorrow, I still have to stick around ALL FREAKIN DAY because I have a portfolio to turn in and presentations to watch.
  • I'm sick of people not having their IDs and aksing me to buzz them in. It's REALLY annoying.
  • I don't think all my scrap supplies are going to fit into ian's car tomorrow.
dec 17 2008 ∞
dec 31 2009 +
user picture Court: 12. OMG I HATED WHEN PPL DID THAT TO ME! There was one time when I was working at Klipple, & the SAME kid used to ask me over and over again. Pretty soon I was like..."Do you have your ID? Is it coded? Then get it out of your pocket, and use it." He never asked me again. But seriously, your job isn't to fucking buzz everyone in. ARG! dec 17 2008