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  • Roman Holiday
  • Million Dollar Baby
  • Rear Window
  • When Harry Met Sally
  • Notorious
jan 29 2009 ∞
mar 24 2012 +
user picture Court: OMG you've never seen the Breakfast Club?! You will absolutely fall in love with it! jan 30 2009
user picture Elaine: nope! never seen it. I'm excited though. Mmmm classics
user picture Rachel: Amelie! Such a great won't dissapoint =) mar 19 2009
user picture Moss: I agree! feb 6 2010
user picture heather jo: casablanca= <3 what did you think of julie and julia!!!!!? feb 9 2010
user picture Elaine: Best ever! loveloveloved it! I overly adore Meryl Streep though. :)
user picture heather jo: me dos! when i get older i hope im some sort of cross between streep/meg ryan meets diane keaton! hehe
user picture Katt: Your list title reminds me of Streetlight Scenario (which makes me happy). Pleasantville has been on TV several times in the past few weeks though, so if you don't have it, keep an eye out. It should be back on the telly soon. jul 8 2010
user picture poison ivy: 500 days of summer is really great :D nov 2 2010