• Jake. bird dog. i never really liked him much because I was like...2 and he was really big and scary.
  • Julie. black lab. :[ she had to be put to sleep because of arthritis. She was the SWEETEST dog ever and I miss her.
  • Micky. unknown. he only lived with us briefly b/c we found him and no one claimed him so he went to my Nana's farm to live. He got hit by a car after a few months.
  • Hershey. yellow lab & chow mix. current. I looooove her! She's our current dog and she so fun-loving. She gets WAY too excited though. haha. I also give her too many biscuit treats when I come home. lol


  • Seabert. long haired calico. We had her since she was really tiny. we rescued her from being put to sleep. She got kind of snippy in her old age but I had her for...15 years of my life. She was such a good kitty. loved to sleep in baskets. haha
  • Mica. short haired calico. current. Mean but i still love her somehow. She's been compared to a cougar before b/c she strikes. hahaha. Her current obsession is chasing a fishing lure hooked to a string that my dad reels in. She loves that thing.
  • Phoebe. short haired tortoise color. current. Precious baby that I love. Rescued from a family that dumped her off. So many quirks I can't list them all. See separate list all about her.


  • various. mostly unmemorable.
  • Scarlett. goldfish w/ red spot on head. named for Scarlett O'Hara. I think Ian cursed her by saying "She's not going to die" b/c then she did.
  • Banana. goldfish black spotted. Poor thing only lasted one day. :[ friend to Scarlett and Rhett.
  • Rhett. goldfish w/ large spot on side. current. Long live Rhett Butler! That's all I'm going to say.


  • Snickers. Mini Lop Solid. GRrreaaat personality! So curious. He was my first and I'll always love him the most. :] RIP Snickers bunny.
  • Milky Way. Mini Lop Broken. Quiet, but a good show bunny. He was just a little baby compared to Snickers.
  • Pixie Stick. Pixie for short. Mini Lop Broken. She was kind of a bitch but I really loved her. She was one of my little meat pen babies that I rescued. Her ear tattoo was an upsidedown #1 and she like to sit on her tail. haha.
  • Chiclet. Mini Lop Solid. One of Pixie's kits. He was a gooooood breadwinner for a show bunny. He was my last one.
  • Baby Ruth. Mini Lop Broken. Meat Pen baby.
  • Several Fryers/meatpens. Mostly New Zealands.
  • Nestle. Holland Lop Solid. Current. Anna's bunny.
  • Heath. Holland Lop Solid. Anna's again.


  • Hidie. ? Anna's first guinea pig. She liked to sit in this little school desk. it was so cute.
  • Rodnie. white crested something or other. Anna's. very quirky and fast. died of guinea pig diabetes. I kid you not.
  • Spice & Irho. Mine & Ian's guinea pigs. We got them one summer but I broke out in hives so we had to take them back and I was HEARTBROKEN. :(


  • Lucy. Dwarf. Zach and I both got hamsters and it was so much fun. The difference was that I took care of mine and he threw his in a field. Stupid Zach.
  • Mia. Dwarf. Took her to the fair and she did pretty well. You go, Mia Hamster. Get it? Mia HAMster?
  • Hemmi. Golden. Belonged to my sister technically but lived at my parents' house. Never bit anyone and escaped his cage at least twice.


  • Maggie. Nubian. big gold eyes & a wonderful pet. She follows you around like a puppy and wants her head scratched. She's the momma that started it all.
  • Todd. Boar. A big ole brute. He kicked a bowling ball around the pasture all the time. haha.
  • Dottie. Spotted Nubian. Loved to jump fences and play Houdini. She was a real character. Sassy for sure. Always had a piece of straw sticking out of her mouth.
  • Markay. Nubian. Maggie's Daughter.
  • Jake. Nubian.
  • Bennie. Spotted Nubian. He's a great pet because he was bottle fed. lol he was moose though b/c he was so big. Dottie's son.
  • Daphne. Nubian.
  • Dixie. Nubian. current.
  • Peanut. Nubian. she's a triplet!
  • Andy. Nubian. another triplet. died at birth.
  • Jay. Nubian. another triplet.
  • Jack. Nubian. current. a twin.
  • Jill. Nubian. the other twin.
  • G Unit. Nubian.
  • Mystery. Alpine. stark white and very very strange goat...
  • Midge. Nubian. she was born dwarfed like a little tiny midget goat. haha. She runs with the best of them though!
  • Esme. Alpine. current. named for Esme Cullen.
  • Jasper. Alpine. current. named for Jasper Cullen. stark white--you just want to put him in your little pocket. He is so freakin cute. He's a newborn!
  • Zeus. Nubian. completely white. Almost died when he was born bc it was so cold so Papaw let him live inside the house in their mudroom. We played hide & seek with him. haha
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user picture Court: This list made me laugh many times. 1) Micah the Cougar. 2) Fish...various...mostly unmemorable. 3) Guinea Pigs...died of guinea pig diabetes. 4) Hamsters...Zach throwing him in a field...I literally LOL'd at this. 5) Todd Goat...kicked the bowling ball around. 6) Dottie Goat...houdini. jan 20 2009
user picture Elaine: omg. hahahahaha. i went back and re-read this because I made it at like 2 in the morning and it's even funnier today. HAHAHA Stupid Zach. he seriously threw it in a field. Poor thing. hahaha