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  • she plays fetch
  • the double meow
  • Lion King
  • she thinks she's a puppy
  • she has ONE white whisker & the rest are black
  • will NOT eat treats
  • prefers crumpled up paper wads, tied up bags, and milk rings to actual TOYS
  • always climbs between the shower curtains
  • wakes me up at 5:30 every day like clockwork
  • will LITERALLY eat ANYTHING. She shows no restraint: brownies, flowers, FAKE flowers, candle wax, thread, and more.
  • She's TERRIFIED of my electric razor & Matt's brown shoes
  • her obsession with mint. She will tear open a pack of gum and get RIGHT in your face if you're chewing it so she can smell it.
  • "Tigering." Where she opens her mouth halfway and stares at you like a tiger.
  • If you don't pet her RIGHT when you come in the door, she will nip at your feet until you stop and do so.
  • EVERY time we open the hall closet door, she HAS to dart in there and sniff around
    • WTF is in there that she needs so badly!?
  • If she escapes through the front door, she only runs like 6 feet away and then cries until you pick her up and bring her back in.
  • Her birthday is May 2, 2010
  • after we play the Wii, she sits in front of the TV and chatters waiting for the cursor to come back.
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