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  • get to stay here in Muncie
  • don't have to work at the Beach
  • closer to Ian
  • single room + A/C
  • possibility of forming new friendships
  • something I know a lot about--freshman anxiety
  • pay is pretty good...
  • it's one of the best jobs on campus apparently
  • rumor has it that the leaders might not be running tours this time around
  • no chores to do at home. haha
  • have a few weeks at home before training starts
  • get paid to have fun with the newbies all day
  • it will give me a chance to be on my own and figure some things out in my head.


  • far away from home :[
  • I don't know if i get a stipend?
  • living alone freaks me out.
    • especially at night
  • Idk if the Health Center is open in the summer
  • no home cooking
  • missing holidays and events in Monticello
  • can't drive anywhere b/c... I don't drive
    • in turn won't be anywhere where i can LEARN to drive
    • Idk if MITS runs to campus in the summer
  • pay is not as good as last summer...
  • long hours during the day=no crafting time. :[
  • did i mention far away from home?
  • Mom & Dad probably won't visit that much.
  • won't be able to spend time with Kady, like, at all
jan 27 2009 ∞
jun 15 2009 +
user picture kristin: the pay, is not really that good. however, minimum wage is going up! it is, however, a very fun job and worth the hassle :) jan 27 2009