• get even closer to God. This means continuing my Daily Devotions.
  • Get some layouts sent to magazines
  • Keep up the awesome focus on school
  • Work it out.
  • Kick ass and take names.
  • Less unnecessary spending. ie: scrap supplies that i don't need, DS games, random clothes,etc.
  • Don't waste my time on things I don't want to do.
  • Stop worrying about hurting other people's feelings. Worry about myself and let everyone else worry about themselves.
  • learn to forgive.
  • be more tolerant. [we'll see about that.]
  • focus on my art. If i want to make it my career, i need to further develop my own style.
  • Build up my etsy. Consider more business options.
  • Make more time for JUST ian. :]
  • embrace.
jan 5 2009 ∞
dec 31 2009 +
user picture Court: I second the "be more tolerant" thing. jan 5 2009
user picture Elaine: yeah we'll see about that...I'm trying, but you know how it goes. haha. And p.s., yes i would love that book! Although I'm not sure how speedy i will be with reading it, you know. Classes starting and all, but i DO want it. So if you're ok with being without it for a few months, that's cook with me. We'll figure out a time. :] jan 8 2009
user picture Court: it's fine...take your time with it. it was just sitting at home on my shelf anyway! jan 9 2009
user picture Court: p.s. for your etsy thingy, I think you could totally sell some of your photographs...you could frame them or something too. I would buy one!