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jan 30 2009 ∞
jun 24 2012 +
user picture Court: & NO GREY'S ANATOMY?!?!?!! WTFFFFFFF. Also, how did you interview go? I remembered at like 10:30 this morning that today was your interview, & I got excited & was going to go look for you...but then I realized it was 10:30 & you weren't there anymore. lol jan 30 2009
user picture Elaine: welllll its a long story. too long for a comment. THe actual interview went great I think. It was a group interview so there were 8 of us. Most of them were kind of quiet getting going, so I went first most of the time to break the ice because apparently I'm an expert ice breaker haha. But to hear my traumatic tale about this morning. Read the blog. its a doozy. lol