• sleep in a little bit
  • relax-ish
  • mount photo/attach label
  • start fairy tales homework
  • take back car
  • put away clean clothes
  • call Mom
  • read more of my books
  • tell Ian I love him more tomorrow
  • take movie back to Blockbuster
  • Wal-Mart for:
    • activia
    • fiber supplements *sigh*
    • cereal
    • veggies/dip *sigh again*
    • tiny journal for diet log. *sigh again*

i didn't get my inspo boards done...again. FUCK ME...

jan 24 2009 ∞
jan 25 2009 +
user picture Gracie's: whats an inspo board??? it sounds quite curious jan 24 2009
user picture Elaine: oh its the greatest thing. I have cork boards and wire hung around my room with clips. Basically i just collect elements that inspire me and surround myself with them. :] it keeps me motivated to see all my collages. jan 25 2009