• make disc of 4-H pics & mail to Jenny Breedlove
  • pay off Ian's speeding ticket
    • but first call the office to check the amount
  • organize all addresses of photography clients in binder
  • mail out packages of odds & ends to clients
  • brush Phoebe
  • schedule January Alpine apt.
  • set a date for Travis' Senior pics in the spring
  • buy tape for my label maker
  • buy batteries
  • make pocket organizer for bills
  • fill out IBR loan paperwork
  • finish editing Auntie's pics
  • get piece of glass cut for the jar from Mandy
  • find more attractive alternative for shoes at front door
  • book hotel room for Season & Steve's Wedding
  • look up plane ticket prices for Morgan's graduation
  • get photog dates to Sarah Evans
dec 27 2012 ∞
feb 28 2013 +