• Family comes to help us move


  • Olive Tree appointment @ 10 AM
  • Trips to Lafayette & Kokomo Goodwills
  • get plant stand from Madonna's
  • call Skyview to set up vacate walk-through (Wed.)


  • Chesterfield post office to forward mail
  • Hobby Lobby for misc. apartment items
  • buy stamps
  • Mom & Nana come to help me unpack


  • pick up keys from RenĂ©e @ work
  • call electric company to ask about installation
  • use Ian's pizza check to open credit union acct. in Anderson
  • pay Sallie Mae
  • anchor bookshelves to walls


  • have Ian plant cat grass in new planter
  • transfer new cactus to owl planter
  • send out "We Moved" cards?
  • send out Thank you cards to movers


  • take flower that Phoebe ate to florist to identify
  • call vet
  • text Sarah Evans
  • clean as much as I can for guests on Saturday


  • go to St. Richards in Indy to paint mural in Tammie's classroom
  • dinner with Tammie & Ian
  • prep for photoshoots on Sunday
aug 10 2012 ∞
aug 19 2012 +