• Litho Review Qs
  • Litho skill builder thing
  • Spanish comp
  • thumbnail for Screen Print project
  • make a list of things to send home
  • make new wedding to-do list
  • message Nick RE: down payment
  • blog
  • do something with flowers
  • draw animals for coloring book project
  • scan picture of wedding cake/email to Nana
  • text Tori about book
  • upload Spring Break pictures
  • gather etsy shipment
    • message buyer if necessary
  • scan art journal page
  • call groomsmen to confirm fitting
  • call Mr. Penguin to schedule fitting
  • apply online @ Old Navy
  • apply online @ Target
  • switch out inspo wire
mar 14 2010 ∞
mar 21 2010 +
user picture heather jo: I wish I could see the spring break pictures! I think I need to start a list for what I need to facebook stalk after lent! mar 17 2010
user picture Elaine: you're doing so well with your lent though! You can see my pictures here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/keread/ it's my flickr account!
user picture heather jo: LOVED IT! Thanks for lessening my facebook craving ;P and I just about jumped outa my skin when I saw the giraffe pics hehe (they are my fav animal)
user picture Elaine: YAY! There's many more on facebook, but that's a few to tide you over until Easter. haha