• create wedding pics disc for Riley
  • get Red Door pieces from TCC
  • pay car insurance online
  • message etsy buyer RE: clips
  • talk with landlord RE: A/C
  • turn in article brainstorming: Girl Next Dorm mag
  • put away clothes in bedroom
  • message Gretchen RE: BBW


  • figure out how to schedule appt. @ Olive Tree Place
  • give bag of stuff to Mom
  • fill windshield washer fluid in car
  • return notebook to Target
  • shower


  • call to schedule therapy appointment
  • call to get refill prescriptions from Dr. Hawkins
  • package/ship Red Door orders
  • organize/file all papers throughout house
  • receipts to Alex
  • message Laura Musall RE: magazine job
  • take pics for wedding album post


  • defer loans
  • pay rent
  • txt Tori about what to bring to Monti
  • laundry-- especially whites
  • scan in random drawing book pages
  • pack for Monticello
  • dishes
  • take pics for handbag post
  • take out trash
  • shower


  • message Hanna about last minute details for shoot
  • GO HOME!


  • make grocery list
  • type up rough draft of article assignments


  • Have Mom call insurance RE: effexor meds
  • email Shawna & Amanda RE: boudoir photog
  • get graduation gift for Paige or contact about pics
  • create Budget Binder
    • look up budget sheets on Mead site
may 29 2012 ∞
jun 3 2012 +