• BLOG!
  • go through pile of receipts on counter
  • Dollar Tree to shop for stuff for party
  • message Crystal to confirm date for e-session


  • return all emails
  • deposit/cash Ian's pizza check
  • work 1-5 PM
  • update iPod software
  • call to reserve booth at craft fair


  • laundry
  • cut out templates for pillows
  • get Laura Musall's # from Mom for Nana's gift


  • work 6-9:30 PM
  • confirm time with Sara for family shoot
  • buy few food items for the weekend
  • Blog
  • take out trash


  • get air mattress from Matt/RenĂ©e
  • borrow white leggings from Riley for costume
  • create costume pieces
    • tutu
    • necklace
    • hairpiece
    • wand
  • txt Nick to remind him about switching shifts
  • take pics of matchbook frame


  • deep clean the apartment
    • (see sub-list for cleaning tasks!)
  • make misc. decor
  • pay auto insurance
  • text Riley RE: if she's bringing a friend
  • pull out stuff to give to Tori
  • call Anna with list of stuff to bring
  • Hobby Lobby
    • do returns
    • get frame for "Scary On" print
    • more gold tule


  • bake/cook all food for party
  • load of whites through laundry
  • decorate for party
  • make cupcake picks
  • planning session with Tori for craft fair


  • txt Sunny about Lacey trick-or-treat night
  • invite the Davis' over for birthday dinner?
  • out to dinner with Jenny at some point
  • pay rent
  • Evans family photoshoot postponed to Thursday
  • send forms to Direct Loans
oct 20 2012 ∞
oct 28 2012 +