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  • motel by the mall on Scatterfield
  • abandoned storefront with boxes in Chesterfield
  • in front of the Paramount
  • some sort of construction site
  • tiny alleyway by mechanic in Chesterfield
  • tree farm on Rangeline
  • little patch of tall trees- park in Yorktown
  • little patch of tall trees- by Autumn Ridge
  • minty green barn @ the end of 38th St.
  • back of a box truck
  • vintage-looking diner on Columbus
  • side of bright blue building (by El Burro Loco?)
  • back of the Bail Bonds building by post office
  • cement block place right by mall
  • 29th Street CafĂ©
  • a rooftop?
  • Mounds Park
  • boarded up building with vines on Columbus
  • abandoned gas station on Columbus
  • storage unit place across from 3rd Gen.
  • American flag mural in parking garage
    • (right by downtown post office)
  • a greenhouse
  • field w/ tall brown grass by the Rangeline curve
may 15 2012 ∞
sep 27 2015 +