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literally I've seen like 800000 accounts do this so I'll do it too

  • >100% - The worst thing ever could happen to me tomorrow and I will still be happy because of what happened today
  • 100% - I'm super happy
  • 90% - In a pretty dang good mood
  • 80% - Still good whats up
  • 70% - For the most part I'm happy...
  • 60% - Kinda good I guess
  • 50% - Eh
  • 40% - Honestly I could be better
  • 30% - Not a great day at all
  • 20% - I need company, I'm sad/angry about something
  • 10% - I'm really fucking upset
  • 0% - Nothing could be worse
  • <0% - I will never be happy again
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things you should know before you follow me

  • im super awkward and weird sorry
  • i cuss. a lot.
  • i apologize a lot, oops
  • i sometimes space w ords out l ik e th is and do rANDOM CAPITALIZATION so if anything is hard to read or something p leASE tell me
  • both my internet friends and real life friends are just about as weird as me so don't be concerned if there's a random post that's super confusing its just a joke between friends o kay
  • dont be a dick alright be n i c e
  • i can be dirty, haha sorry children
  • im a good minor with good wishes so please respect me ok

don't follow if

  • you're racist, sexist, a pedophile, a hom...
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  • animal jam: awesomejammer224 and heyitsneonsbackup
  • yt accounts
    • old main account (why does this one have ...
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  • I'm a big dork (obviously)
  • I'm very socially awkward so if you talk to me and I don't reply that's probably because I don't know how to respond, sorry
  • I dye my hair pretty often
  • I have 474688433783 ocs
  • I have 9844843783273463 celebrity crushes
  • I'm in two bands; one with my friends (making music) and the other with my dad and his friends (doing covers)
  • my real name is super fucking weird and hard to spell and pronounce so that's why I chose such a simple stage name
  • I know how to play drums and the recorder and I'm learning bass guitar
  • I'm really tall and people have mistaken me for an adult many times
  • You will almost never see me wear any color other than black
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I like a LOT of bands

Favorites [in order]

  • Green Day
  • Slipknot
  • Mindless Self Indulgence
  • Misfits
  • Against Me!

Others [no order]

  • The Cure
  • Korn
  • The Offspring
  • blink-182
  • The Ramones
  • Weezer
  • Muse
  • Linkin Park
  • Goldfinger
  • NOFX
  • Bad Religion
  • Pierce The Veil
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where I literally just talk about shit ,, usually how my day's been and whatever

  • [6/1/18]: It's 1 am and I cannot fucking sleep.. I had coffee earlier (like 8 hours ago lmao) and the caffeine just now kicked in. I'm super hyper, god I need to chill. Birthday's in 22 days AAAA
  • [still 6/1/18]: It's night time and I thought I just heard footsteps or something wtf my parents are asleep I hope its just my imagination
  • [6/2/18]: I love Green Day
  • [6/3/18]: Honestly today was ehh.. kinda bad ,, my mom forced me to clean the house this morning and now, I was trying to make my bed and the bottom blanket wouldn't cooperate so I got fucking pissed at it (it doesn't help that its umm.. that time of the month...) and decided to sleep on the floor. also my blankets are wet, one because it didn't dry all the way and t...
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NOTE: I cuss. If you don't want to see it or are under 13 then please click off.

about me

  • angry teenage brat
  • American
  • female but I don't really act like it
  • Panromantic/demisexual
  • t00ken
  • Athiest
  • Cancer (b-day: June 22nd)
  • Emo/punk
  • really boring
  • Suffers from anxiety and depression among other things
  • Melancholic-choleric
  • Chaotic neutral

no amount of espresso can kill my depresso

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