my Ult of Ults is kim taeyang/jenissi (formerly topp dogg)♥ i love him so much we've talked before and he wears the stuff i sent him a lot a;lskdvn i love him

male artists →

  • kim kibum (shinee)♥
  • jeon jeongguk (bangtan)♥
  • mark lee (nct)♥
  • chae hyungwon (monsta x)♥
  • han sanghyuk (vixx)♥✮
  • wen junhui (seventeen)♥
  • lee seungyoun (uniq)
  • choi minki (nu'est)♥
  • kunpimook bhuwakul (got7)
  • park jinyoung (got7)
  • chang jonghyun (teen top)♥✮
  • choi junhong (b.a.p)✮
  • kim seyong (myname)
  • gong chansik (b1a4)
  • kim moonkyu (hotshot)
  • kim myungsoo (infinite)✮
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☆big bang alive galaxy tour 2012 ~ 12.11.08 ~ prudential center newark, new jersey

☆2013 infinite first world tour: one great step ~ 13.11.16 ~ hammerstein ballroom new york, new york

☆teen top 2014 world tour in usa: high kick ~ 14.03.23 ~ best buy theater new york, new york

☆bap live on earth 2014 ~ 14.04.13 ~ best buy theater new york, new york

☆2015 bts live triology in usa episode II: the red bullet ~ best buy theater new york, new york { PHOTOS AND VIDEOS COMING... eventually -littlefan1103 }

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soundcloud: thugdesu

~ dm for anything personal such as kkt, line, skype, snapchat, locked accounts, etc ~

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16 (07072000)// nb (gendervoid) // ae , they, he (use interchangeably)

  • xander OR jing (靖)! (right now i prefer jing)
    • its okay to call me laura if we're friends irl
    • i LOVE nicknames!!
  • new jersey, usa
  • pansexual
  • cancer, enpf, neutral good
  • chinese !! (hong kong)
    • u might catch me ranting about mainlanders lmao
  • english and cantonese!! +bad french
  • i do fencing!!! im have my E2016 rating and im captain of my team B^)
  • i present/act feminine but don't call me a girl!! respect my pronouns and gender please; feminine descriptors = OK
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don't follow if:

  • mock gender neutral and neo pronouns
  • transphobic/homophobic/racist
  • use slurs even in a joking way, including rat (yes, it's a slur)
  • use appearance/weight as an insult or a joke (i.e calling your friends fatties or ugglies)
  • mock eating disorders, depression, anxiety, mental health
  • tell people to go die or kill themselves as a joke...
  • joke about triggers like "im so triggered lol u triggered me"
  • fetishize/idealize e.asians
  • against Black Lives Matter movement
  • i'm fine if you don't like my faves but don't openly hate them
  • ZERO tolerance for excessive hate/fights!! they make me feel anxious and shitty so i'll unfollow if you're too extra
jun 4 2016 ∞
jan 11 2017 +
  • i have bad anxiety for sometimes no reason (and have depression)
  • i often have paranoia that im a nuisance so,,, please reassure me
  • i'll tweet jokingly about being sad but please talk to me when i get like this... no response makes me feel a lot worse even if we're not mutuals my dms are open ;;;
  • i've had lots of bad experiences that have kinda made my mentality worse so i think i'm annoying 90% of the time,,, so pls !!! if ur scared to talk to me just know i'm probably more scared than u are and i want 2 be friends lol
  • but seriously please talk to me if im making sad tweets bc 9.5/10 times i feel a lot better after venting,,, and if nobody really acknowledges my sadness it kinda makes me feel shitty ;aslkdnv

(u might think my tweets are really bad/s...

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  • won't tag any of my faves
  • please read my trigger warning list, blacklist, and mental illness *list ;;
  • tweet/rt heavy (lots of rambling...)
  • lots of seflies im cute as shit
  • i talk in CAPS A LOT, keyboard smash and put unnecessary spaces/commas when i type
  • i joke (for the most part) about death/wanting to die so if that makes u uncomfy pls tell me!!
  • i curse and say "christ" and "oh my god" all the time
  • i tweet about my daily life and thoughts a lot
  • i'll unfollow after a few days if u return the mutual bc anxiety
  • won't follow if there's no link/info about you, it's just for both of our comfort since i'm a very open person!
  • i'm scared to talk to people first but i ...
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  • eating disorders (especially anorexia)
  • eating habits (like diets)
  • weight loss/gain
  • body image (pictures)

(i used to ask to tag food but... trying not to b/c it might make my e.d come back/worse??)


  • everything above
  • suicide ment.
  • body horror/gore/abuse (including eye horror)
  • homophobia/transphobia
  • eating disorders
  • nsfw/rape
  • slurs (f*g, tr*nny, racial slurs)
  • d*ddy kink (i really try not to tweet about it though)
  • sudden loud noises
jan 11 2017 ∞
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