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looking in your eyes and navigating through the stars... isn’t it the same thing?

favorite scents.

一は全, 全は一

“But then, I thought, if I hadn’t eaten them and died, I’d be eaten by the ants, or the foxes. I’d go back to the earth and become grass. the rabbits would eat that. Long ago, this whole island may have been at the bottom of the sea. In tens of thousands of years, it migh be the peak of a mountain.''

'' – Everything is connected?''

''– Everything is in the middle of a great, unseen flow. I don’t know if you’d call it the universe or the world, or whatever. Looking at it as this huge thing, you and I are like ants. One small part within the flow. Nothing more than one fraction of the whole. But putting all the small “ones” together allows the “all” to exist...''

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