hey, josh! since i always have a lot of videos to recommend and i didn't want to send you 7139812391 tweets bc i'm sure it is a bit annoying, i thought making a lil list could be nice ♡( ◡‿◡ )

anyways, monsta x is one of my favorite groups and they're so sweet and talented and lovable and nice and ughhghgdassdaaaaaaaa sorry ok uhm

here's little info on the members, gonna try to keep it short, but just something to get you started (they're listed from oldest to youngest)


monsta x's precious shy leader, father and oldest hyung ("hyung" is how guys call other guys older than them), his real name is son hyunwoo, he's a 1992 huge baby. this boy usually keeps a straight face 24/7 and doesn't talk a lot bUT then BOOM he smiles!!!! and it is adorable *crying noises* his body is nice af but he's more like a cute bear imo :')


  • screams* THIS BOI *cries* sorry i'm ok uhm right this adorable, but hurtful creature, called shin hoseok is a 1993 precious disrespectful angel. he causes me so much pain, he's so adorable but so hot and ughhghhhh


so so so so sooooo precious ofmgfmgsdshjd, this cute angel called lee minhyuk (you don't pronounce the L in Lee) was born in 1993 also and he's too precious for this world! he looks so good and he doesn't really try but he looks so sexy sometimes and im just???? funny precious puppy


(monsta x's mom tbh) an adorable cute funny angel with angelic voice hello this is yoo kihyun (born in 1993) and i'll protect him forever idek what to say lmao he's just?? cute!!!!! and funny and!!!! he looks!!! so!!! good!!! and!!! is so!!!!!!!!!precious!!!!!!!! im sorry im getting emotional bye


sleepy super model chae hyungwon was born in 1994 and owns the visual of all visuals just lOOK AT THOSE LIPS!!! precious, doesn't really say much but when he does i'm just emotional idek i wish he had more lines let my baby singggggg please


owns my heart and keeps it inside his dimples, i present you lee jooheon the cute rapper with awesome girlgroup dance skills! this precious puppy was born in 1994 and ever since then everyone's skin is clear, crops all over the world are flourishing, depression is cured and world peace has been achieved


awkward adorably funny maknae ("maknae" means the youngest one, it's used for both boys and girls), just a big dork born in 1996. his voice is so deep when he raps it makes me sad why is this boy destroying me? lim changkyun (just like Lee, you don't pronounce the L in Lim) is just a really awkward playful puppy

♡ videos ♡

i guess this is enough for now (omfg this is so long im sorry) of course you don't have to react to all of those lmao but i hope you can watch them all when you have time! hope you fall in love with monsta x heheh ( ˘⌣˘)♡(˘⌣˘ )

bye, ily ♡

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