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  • lyka
  • 19
  • fil/chi
  • one of the biggest MEMES
  • 991025
  • she/her
  • tws: spiders, blood, wounds


  • talks about yoongi and taehyung on a daily basis
  • wants yoongi's dark hair back
  • BANGTAN is my ult group, obviously
  • could be annoying for some people to handle so follow me at ur own risk!
  • 140704: when i decided to stan bangtan forever
  • 160730: finally met bangtan
  • 160806: met DEAN, told him to never stop music and how much i love him, held his hand.
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  • I speak up about my thoughts whenever I want to, especially when there's drama and bangtan is involved. eventhough others might agree or disagree, I accept it wholeheartedly, as long as I've said what I wanted to say regarding a certain issue.
  • I tend to tweet SO MUCH about yoongi, so I apologize if it ever annoyed you!


  • if I ever make or say something that could generally offend people, then please call me out!
  • same goes with pronouns, if I ever misgendered you then please let me know asap!
  • if I ever make you feel uncomfortable, cut the subtweets and mute shit; please feel free to unfollow or softblock. I don't mind because I don't want to make anyone feel annoyed by my presence, I don't want to ruin someone's day and I am definitely too busy to argue or fight since I'm not gonna change to impress you (except if I'm wrong, I will learn, but sti..._impress_ anyone of course.)
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  • min yoongi
  • kim taehyung


  • kim namjoon
  • hyuk kwon
  • kim yongsun (mamamoo)
  • jung wheein (mamamoo)


  • jeon jungkook
  • bae joohyun (red velvet)
  • boo seungkwan (seventeen)
  • kwon soonyoung (seventeen)
  • kim mingyu (seventeen)
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  • main: minyoongu
  • priv: haIfmoonmp3
    • if we're friends or mutuals, follow req is ok!
  • nsfw: nsfwyoongi
  • tumblr: mniyoongi
  • curiouscat : agustd
    • if u want to tell me stuff u can't say in full identity then go straight to my curiouscat and tell me anonymously.. idk if u wanna fight me or love me i guess?
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jan 1 2018 +
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these are the fics I wrote and are my favourites! if anyone reads it then thank you in advance, I may not be that good yet but I'm positive that I will improve more.

  • jikook
    • mind your own business (or maybe help me with it)
      • smut, angst? fluff?
      • this was my VERY first smut fic ever and I am sorry
      • at least I tried
  • taekook
    • rule #1: never date a colleague in the same office as you
      • fluff, slight angst and smut
      • journalist au with a side of sugamon
      • my fave bc this was completely unplanned
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