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[rec fic] welcome, child. these are my favorite fanfics

  • and the rest is rust and stardust

"Do you love me?" Sehun asks, holding Joonmyun's arm at the elbow, and Joonmyun closes his eyes. "Hyung, do you love me?"

"Yes," Joonmyun whispers.

  • bitter, empty taste of white

“I’m here because I’m chasing the man I fell for when I was eighteen years old.”

Joonmyun exhales shakily. “Yeah?”

“Yeah. And perhaps I’d like to see if he wants to go on a date with me. Could snag some dinner, catch a movie.”

  • i want to make you move (because you're standing still)

He doesn't think he will ever have feelings for Sehun the way Sehun possibly does for him.

  • destati

Oh Sehun was cursed with breaking everything he touches. He was cursed with living behing glass his whole life, never experiencing the real world. He was cursed with loneliness and abandonment [...] But Sehun didn't let that stop him. He didn't let it stop him from falling in love and making friends. [...] He didn't let it stop him from being himself. Sehun had broken everything that he cared about.

  • helium

"Sehunnie, how did you know you could find me on the docks that night?" Luhan asked with much courage. He was playing with the man's attractive fingers; a gold ring, which was identical to the one wrapped around his own, being its crown jewel.

The man kissed the top of his head and whispered, "Quel merveilleux endroit pour mourir." (What a wonderful place to die.)

It had been the words that Luhan whispered into the elder's ear that first night on the docks, the ones that were rather macabre.

  • hélianthe

"I love you Jongin. Please tell the others..I love them too"

"I will. I love you Sehun. I will always love you" He said as he raised their hands to pepper Sehun's hands with kisses. His tears were falling down on their hands as Sehun's breath became slow.

"Have a good sleep, love"

  • generation blue

“You would actually take a bullet for me?”

“Yes,” Sehun replies, pulling the covers up to his chin sleepily.

Jongin glances at the revolver on the bedside table.

“A bullet.”

“I’d take a bullet for you, even if you are the one behind the trigger. Now please let me sleep.”

  • gravitation

“I said that I was going to ruin you,” Sehun hums, “But I suppose it’s the other way around, isn’t it?”

“Maybe,” Jongin says before he kisses Sehun long and thorough; lazily in the morning light.

  • so caught up in you

Jongin tells himself there's nothing special about Sehun, but he's always been a bad liar. The low simmering of an attraction has already crawled under his skin.

  • until the end

Sehun had disappeared and his diary is the only thing left, with an unsure promise at the back. I really love you, Jongin. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before. Please forget me. You will find someone who can stay with you until the end.

  • how to tell someone you want to kiss them

"... And he feels like he's drowning without you. But he's drowning with you too -- in feelings he's terrified of."

  • love me the same

No matter how hard their lives are, no matter how long they stay away from each other, they always find a way to come back together. When he realized he was in love with Sehun all those years ago, he realized he’d be in that pit till the end of time, even if Sehun didn’t want him. He’s in too deep.

  • that old feeling

Sehun was nineteen, and broke the heart of the person whom he loved and had loved him the most.

Sehun was nineteen, and helplessly stupid.


“Don’t make it into a mission to grow taller than me, okay.” Chanyeol bumps his shoulder to Sehun’s. “I like seeing you from above. You look cuter from above.”


According to Chanyeol, Sehun reminds him of a kitten, always so defensive when approached but melts and mewls right away under his touch. And Sehun can’t even bring himself to deny that.

  • filthy/gorgeous

"Don't wanna be an alpha," he complains, sinking into the feeling of Baekhyun petting his damp hair, hand cradling his head. "Want you to be my alpha forever ."

Baekhyun giggles sleepily, snuggling in closer.

"Then I guess it works out, huh?" he asks, kissing Sehun's neck, his cheek, his still gently pouted lips. "Because I'm keeping you for longer."

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