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ᰔᩚ welcome to my fantasy cosmos, this dreamy catto will attend you wholeheartedly.

  • DO NOT follow me first unless we know each other or you’re one of my friends on roleplay.
  • i tweet a lot about my roleplayer things, if you’re uncomfortable with it then feel free to bub me. :D
  • this account is kinda a CYBER-FAN account. so if you’re uncomfortable with me hyping my ult(s) then again feel free to bub me.
  • i speak both Bahasa and English but mostly Bahasa.
  • if i found your content that makes me uncomfortable, i’ll mute your account.
  • please don’t take any screenshot of my tweet when my account is on private mode.
  • do not interact with me if you’re homophobic, racist, or if you sexualizes minor.
jul 26 2021 ∞
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