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"sugar, spice, and everything nice!"
— from 08.11's recipe . . . ♡


do you know when people say "oh, there must be someone out there for you"? i think i've found the someone, because i found you; and you are so special, in every little way.

if it was possible to look into the dictionary and see what is your definition, maybe it would show you this: kate (n.): synonymous for sweet, kind, angelic, soft, delicate, caring, smart, talented, etcetera... and i'm 100% sure that it is all true, i've seen it in you. you are truly one of the best people i have ever met, there's something inside you that glows on the outside, the brightest aura in the whole universe!

for all of that, it's impossible not to feel the need to protect you from everything else in the world, and today, i guess everyone feels the same as me.

i hope you will always be surrounded by love&affection, you deserve it! it's a day to look at the sky and go "thank ya for letting kate exist" and then cry a lot, because she's growing up and that's beautiful.

i wish you all the good the world and we, mere mortals, can offer. thank you for being in my life, all of people's lives, we're all thankful and trying to make it up to you by sending all the love.

happy birthday, love! get all those cakes, bananas, eat all you can, you deserve it! actually, you deserve much more; and i wish i could give you everything. for now, i think love is a nice gift, maybe? hope you'll grow healthy and become whatever you want to become, hopefully with me close to you, being boring af but giving you lotsa support. may the universe bless you infinitely,



nov 8 2017 ∞
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