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howdy, I'm Gremlin and I'm a huge dork :D I'm a writer and artist and I hoard ocs!! (cries in 500+ ocs)

some more random facts about me!!

  • I'm OBSESSED with knives. I really like knives.
  • my favorite color is pale green (like the color of these tabs! also neon green and other various light/bright shades of green)! (funny story about this, as a lil kid, my fav colors were green (top fav) and blue (second fav), then when I was about... idk, 14, it switched to red and blue, and then around 16ish it flipped to blue, then red. and then age 18, THE GREEN RETURNED)
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bolded are favs, you know the drill. a lot of these are put on here for nostalgia's sake ngl


  • Doctor Who
  • Stranger Things
  • Umbrella Academy
  • Warehouse 13
  • Stargate Atlantis
  • The Mentalist
  • Invader Zim
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Teen Titans
  • Transformers (the cartoons)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance
  • THE MANDALORIAN (all caps because IT'S SO GOOD?????????)
  • Pocket Dragon Adventures
  • Pokémon
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
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just a list of characters I really love in media :] bolded characters are absolute favs <3 (this is a giant wip lol)


  • insert giant list of warrior cats characters here hbjgkf (there's too many. main favorites are: Firestar , Greystripe , Ravenpaw , Longtail, Littlecloud , Cinderpelt and Yellowfang :] ... is it obvious the first series is my favorite?)

MOVIES AND TV SHOWS (musicals and plays are included here :])

  • Legolas (Lord of the Rings)
  • Samwise Gamgee (Lord of the Rings)
  • Todd Chavez (BoJack Horseman)
  • Klaus Hargreeves (Umbrella Academy
  • Red (Fraggle Rock)
  • Boober (Fraggle Rock)


  • Jin (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)
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once again, anything bolded is a favorite of mine! (this'll change every so often, depending on who I'm most obsessed with atm lol)

  • My Chemical Romance
  • Jack Stauber
  • Cosmo Sheldrake
  • Cavetown
  • Lemon Demon
  • 8 Graves
  • Palaye Royale
  • IAMX
  • Hozier
  • Tally Hall
  • Glass Animals
  • Mother Mother
  • Will Wood and the Tapeworms/Will Wood (main obsession atm!!)
  • Autoheart
  • Amber Run
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hiya!! important note!!

I have very low empathy and cannot read social cues :( so if I come across as rude or insensitive, that's why. sorry!! please let me know if I ever say something rude/insensitive! chances are, I had NO idea that what I said was bad! please be patient with me ty!

I'm also very prone to misunderstanding things!! please be specific when you talk to me. I am dumb and cannot read between lines. tone indicators are VERY helpful for me! carrd for tone indicators

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oct 11 2021 +

anything bolded is a favorite of mine!! (or simply is just really nostalgic for me)

  • Elder Scrolls
    • Skyrim (number one favorite!! heckin' love Skyrim)
    • Oblivion
    • Morrowind
  • Fallout
    • Fallout
    • Fallout 2
    • Fallout 3
    • Fallout: New Vegas
    • Fallout 4 (I've been obsessed lately fjjfjfk)
  • Xenoblade Chronicles
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (plus Torna! this is also right up next to Skyrim, number two favorite!)
  • Animal Crossing
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background credit!!

also! the lyrics on all the titles are from Cotard's Solution (Anatta, Dukkha, Anicca) - Will Wood and the Tapeworms (it's a bop <3)

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