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  • my name is Rita
  • i'm 23 years old
  • i'm from Portugal
  • i study psychology
  • i love singing and i cover songs a lot

I may not say much but i do love talking to people so don't hesitate to @ me or dm me whenever!

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  • my best girl is Yazawa Nico ♥ i will fight for her until my death
  • 2nd best girls are Nozomi and Maki
  • i ship NicoMaki


  • my best girls are Dia and Yohane ♥
  • Mari holds a very special place in my heart
  • i ship YohaRiko

I absolutely love talking about every single character in this goddamn universe so feel free to talk to me about anything llsif related!!

I also tweet a lot about my scouts and future scouts!

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I love a lot of different things and they keep changing but these are my current main interests!

  • love live! school idol festival
  • kpop
  • steven universe
  • bandori

Please keep in mind that I also love these very much (even if i might not tweet about it a lot)

  • lee pace
  • cate blanchett
  • homestuck
  • markiplier
  • utattemita/vocaloid
  • the lord of the rings
  • the legend of zelda
  • panic! at the disco/ fall out boy
  • game theory/gtlive/matpat
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This show means a lot to me and makes me feel very warm and soft inside

  • my favorite character is Pearl and I will talk about her for 3 hours straight if you let me
  • shipping any of the gems with Steven makes me very uncomfortable so if you do just. please don't follow me
  • i love every single song in this show and have covered/have plans to cover a lot of them so if you're into that pls check them out!

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a list of places you can reach me!

if you'd like to hear me sing:

if you'd like my snapchat/instagram please ask me!

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Groups I take the most interest in:

  • SUPER JUNIOR ♥ Heechul ♥♥♥
  • Infinite ♥ Hoya/Myungsoo
  • EXO ♥ Jongin
  • BTS ♥ Taehyung
  • Beatwin ♥ Sunhyeok

I also really like:

  • VIXX ♥ Hongbin
  • Big Bang ♥ G-Dragon
  • Lunafly ♥ Sam
  • ToppDogg ♥ A-tom
  • Block B ♥ P.O

I listen to other groups but these are the main ones! I don't tweet about kpop as much now but it's definitely still one of my top interests so feel free to mention them any time!

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