I do not answer invasive, personal, ou most hateful questions.

  • If your hate is funny there’s a chance I’ll acknowledge it. Don’t bet on it though.

I have the right to ignore any ask I wish to.

  • That said, sometimes I simply do not see some asks. Feel free to send anything again!

I answer questions about my non-humanity here. My account may not fit you if you are religious.

  • Some things may seem “unreality” to others. This is my reality, even if it’s not yours. Respect that.

I have a TQ, as well as use fonts & symbols. This is my personal retrospring, as well as personal twitter. I do not use them for public creations.

I go to bed at exactly 09 P.M. every night. Do not ask my timezone. Make an assumption.

I do not answer sexual questions.

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